CSL 1.0 Specification Update 2010-05-30

Posted by Rintze M. Zelle


The CSL 1.0 specification update of 2010-05-30 includes the following changes:

  • clarified behavior of the line-spacing and entry-spacing attributes [diff]
  • clarified behavior of the position condition when used for bibliography formatting [diff]
  • clarified behavior of the et-al-subsequent attributes [diff]
  • changed the handling of name suffixes (now aligns with Chicago Manual of Style) [diff]
  • changed et-al abbreviation to use a context-dependent prefix (aligns with CSL processor in Zotero 2.0) [diff]
  • clarified the behavior of the choose element, and mentioned the dual effect of the match attribute on if and else-if elements [diff]
  • removed the substitution of empty date variables by the “no date” term [diff]

Discussions on these changes can typically be found at the xbiblio mailing list.

A Note on CSL Versioning

A three-number system (e.g. “1.2.3”) will be used for versioning of the CSL schema and specification. The first and second number are used for respectively major and minor backwards incompatible updates to the CSL schema (these updates will require upgrading of existing CSL styles). The third number is used for small backwards compatible updates. Each update to the CSL schema will be accompanied by an updated CSL specification. In addition, minor date-versioned updates to the CSL specification can be released without accompanying changes to the CSL schema (as is the case for the current specification update).