Are you a web developer? Help us customize a CSL validator frontend. is the home of the Citation Style Language (CSL), an open XML-based language to describe the formatting of citations and bibliographies.

In the last few years, CSL has become the standard way to add citation support to software. Over 6750 free CSL citation styles have been created by the community, and a wide range of commercial and open source software products now use CSL, including ACS ChemWorx Desktop, BibSonomy, Bielefeld University Library’s!, colwiz, CrossRef, digi-libris Reader, Docear, Drupal, Fidus Writer, Islandora, Jekyll, Logos, Mendeley, Multilingual Zotero, pandoc, Paperpile, Papers, Qiqqa, ReadCube, RefeusTalis Aspire, WordPress (KCite and Zotpress plugins), and Zotero.

Look around to learn where to find our CSL citation styles, how to create and modify styles, how to support CSL in your own software, and how to participate in the project.

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